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Monday, May 21, 2012 6:43 am
"Elementary, my dear Watson!"
Posted by: Carolyn Mulac

As a certain Booklist editor said, "When it comes to mystery there is never too much Sherlock," so I'd like to follow up last week's post featuring www.sherlockian.net with a look at a few more sites of interest to devotees of the immortal detective:

The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle http://www.siracd.com/
Ignore the ads and enjoy the fun features including Sherlock Holmes quotes, virtual greeting cards, games, puzzles and 'Ask Sherlock Holmes,' where you can pose a 'yes' or 'no' question to the master of deductive reasoning.

Holmes is well-represented on MysteryNet.com http://www.mysterynet.com/, "The place for mystery since 1995."  Here you'll find the full texts of stories as well as books, DVDs and VHS movies for sale.

The Sherlock Holmes Fan Wiki http://www.sherlockholmeswiki.com  is a fansite that includes a blog, quotes, fun facts and other Sherlockian content.

You may have noticed listings in the ALA Annual Conference Program for meetings of  "The Sub-Librarians Scion of the Baker Street Irregulars" (http://elisanonline.com/sublibrarians/index.html), a group of "library staff, librarians, and library aficionados who gather each year at the American Library Association annual conference and share their love of all things Sherockian."

It's not surprising that there a number of Conan Doyle collections in the UK, such as the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Richard Lancelyn Green Bequest, Portsmouth Museum, Portsmouth (www.conandoylecollection.co.uk)  and the Sherlock Holmes Collection, Marylebone Library, Westminster (www.westminster.gov.uk/services/libraries/special/sherlock) , but did you know that there are also several Sherlockian and Doylean collections in libraries on this side of the Atlantic?

Among them are the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Public Library (http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/books-video-music/specialized-collections/literature-genre-doyle.jsp), the C. Frederick Kittle Collection of Doyleana at the Newberry Library (http://mms.newberry.org/html/KittleDoyle.html) and the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis (http://special.lib.umn.edu/rare/holmes.phtml).

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